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Yuletide 2018 Letter

Hello to whomever was lucky/unlucky enough to end up here, reading this wordy letter. This is only my second Yuletide, and this letter won't be quite as long as my last one, but probably still longer than is needed. But I'm a writer that likes to have lots of ideas and options and details to go on, so I like to give as much as possible, too. Feel free to incorporate as much or as little as I've shared here as you want, I'm sure I'll love whatever you write for me. Here is my ao3 profile and also my tumblr, in case you have any questions you want to ask me anonymously :)

GENERAL LIKES: happy endings, slowburn romance, rivals/enemies to friends (to lovers), angst with a happy ending, overprotectiveness, hurt/comfort, when someone gets hurt and the other person loses their shit with worry, 5 times style fics, parallels!, callbacks, banter, slice of life fics, missing scenes, canon compliant fics, canon divergence, soulmate aus, roadtrip fic, makeouts, platonic cuddling that's not really platonic, forehead kisses!!, romantic and platonic bed sharing, dysfunctional and maybe bordering on toxic and they know it but they just love each other so much! relationships, codependency and loyalty, nonsensical but harmless jealousy, social media as a plot point, domesticity, found families, realistic miscommunication, unrequited love that's secretly not so unrequited/pining that eventually pays off, third parties being jealous of my ships bond, sudden declarations of love, outsider POV and college fic.

GENERAL DISLIKES: unhappy endings, noncon, character death (side characters getting killed off for plot is okay tho), unnecessary or contrived angst, contrived miscommunication ruining everything, pining with Nice Guy type behavior, cheating (on each other, they can cheat on other people together all they want, whoops), romanticized abuse, betrayal, one-sided storytelling, genderbending, body switching, not super into coffeeshop or other similar mundane AUs, kid fic, character bashing, hard kinks, out of characterness, porn without plot, first or second person narratives, supernatural/vampire AUs and too much focus on side characters or their relationships.

Scream (TV)
Emma Duval, Audrey Jensen.

Some Favorite Things About Them: anytime Audrey gets protective of Emma but especially when it comes at the expense of her own safety, Emma's unwavering trust in Audrey despite damning evidence against her, each and every mention or reference to their childhood/history, how well they know each other (Emma does the hair thing when she lies!), their overall contrasting everything (personalities, looks, clothes, social standings, etc), the fact that they murdered together and how that's a real bond, their shared final girls status and just anytime they find themselves in dangerous situations with only each other to rely on.

Some things I'd enjoy reading about:

  • anything that deals with the aftermath of the last few episodes/the killer reveal, and how it changes their relationship. There's just a wealth of material there to explore. I love the idea of them developing a borderline unhealthy attachment to each other, like they're the only ones that truly Get It and they only feel safe around one another, etc.

  • outside of the ptsd aspects of the aftermath, just the girls having a very thorough conversation about everything; the deterioration of their friendship, the Nina stuff, Emma's role in Audrey's outing, Audrey's letters to Piper and her love confession in the barn, Audrey trying to sacriface herself to save Emma in the finale, etc.

  • Emma slowly realizing she's in love with Audrey and telling her, but Audrey has a bunch of doubts and insecurities about it. Does she just think that because of what they went through? Is it just because she can't trust dudes now? Does she feel like she owes her? Audrey's a dramatic loser and thinks there has to be a catch.

  • would also be totally down for any kind of established romantic Emma/Audrey too. Cute girlfriends go to prom or to the carnival (Audrey gets to give Emma a stuffed animal this time!), cute fiances stress about their wedding, cute marrieds return to their haunted home town for their high school reunion and everyone is shocked that they're together now, whatever! Maybe they get lowkey internet famous because who wouldn't ship the two best friends who fell in love after surviving multiple murder attempts?

  • the Gina of it all. Gina being jealous of Emma was the only redeeming part of the Halloween special and I'm obsessed with the idea of Audrey being the Worst Girlfriend Ever to her because she's ridiciously devoted to Emma still. Any exploration of that dynamic, whether it ends with romantic Emma/Audrey or not, would be amazing. Can be a non-Gina girlfriend, too. Audrey just consistently losing girlfriend after girlfriend because she prioritizes Emma over them and Emma being totally oblivious to it until Brooke points it out is a hilarious concept to me. Similiarly, perhaps Audrey getting a girlfriend (Gina or someone more likable) makes Emma Realize Things

  • Emma and Audrey going to college together! As girlfriends or best friends or best friends that become girlfriends. Honestly, I'm cool with just about any kind of Non-Murder AU that's not supernatural, as long as they were still childhood best friends, so knock yourself out with different settings/scenarios.

  • another murder spree, to tie up the loose ends. As long as neither Emma nor Audrey die, you can kill everyone else for all I care. If Brandon James and/or Emma's father is involved, I'm a slut for the Emma/Audrey Are Daisy/Brandon Done Right parallel, just saying.

  • any kind of plot or situation that involves Emma worrying about and/or taking care of an injured Audrey. As much as I love protective Audrey, I'd love to see their roles reversed, too. Would be extra awesome if she got hurt saving Emma, because she would. Maybe she would feel some type of way about it being her 'fault'

Cloak & Dagger (TV, 2018)
Tandy Bowen, Tyrone Johnson.

Some Favorite Things About Them: their light/dark aesthetic!, their contrasting personalities, as well as the ways they're similiar despite how different their lives are, anytime they try to touch but can't, the way they slowly realized they'd grown to be friends, their teasing banter, how connected they are even when they're not trying to be, whenever they explore their powers together, and anytime Tandy gets soft for Tyrone and shows she actually cares.

Some things I'd enjoy reading about:

  • I think I could get into a non super powered AU, where they saved each other's lives (or have some kind of meeting that has as much of an impact) as kids and meet again when they're older and life throws them together in some way

  • anything post finale would be great, whether it's just filling in the blanks of what happened after they got off the roof and how Tyrone ended up living in the church, or something after that; Tandy visiting him, them getting closer, maybe falling in love, you know.

  • them exploring being able to touch each other now - not necessarily in a sexy way, but not necessarily in an unsexy way, either - and how that helps their friendship/relationship evolve.

  • what I imagine a season two might look like, with them embracing their powers and deciding to work together to fight bad guys and save people in New Orleans; how it bonds them together even more.

  • in a similar lane, maybe one of them gets taken by some bad guy or another and the other has to find a way to save them, using their bond to find their way?

  • something that's canon divergent, where they start falling for each other before they're able to touch, and them trying to navigate around that. All the angst and talking that would entail, and the sexual tension. Whether they end up being able to touch after is up to you.

  • maybe an au where one of them does die in the fight, but they come back somehow? Maybe the surviving member finds a way to bring them back or it's just a temporary thing?

  • I'm just really into the idea of Tandy worrying about or mourning Ty because she fought so hard to pretend she didn't care during the season, so any kind of scenario where Tyrone gets hurt and Tandy worries and cares for him is my kind of plot. Apparently she has healing powers in the comics? Hmmm.

  • you could give me anything about these two being soft and cute (or angsty) with each other and I'll eat it up, whether it's romantic or otherwise.

Greek (TV)
Rusty Cartwright, Casey Cartwright.

Some Favorite Things About Them: their teasing and banter!, when they'd go to each other for advice, glimpses of their worlds blending, how different they are and how they admire some of those differences, moments when they surprise each other (Casey knows what an amalgam is!), when they'd get protective of one another, call backs and parallels, their hugs!, stairway scenes, their dynamic as a trio with Ashleigh, when Rusty is a bratty little brother, and any single mention of their childhood.

Some things I'd enjoy reading about:

  • anything about their childhood and their relationship growing up, I could get into a fic with teen Casey/Rusty. Maybe one of the few times Casey was a good big sister, like helping him deal with a bully or when nobody would go with him to prom.

  • maybe something that traces the progression and development of their relationship, like little scenes from different stages, ranging from childhood, to their teens, to while they're at CRU, to even after Casey's left.

  • how Rusty dating Ashleigh impacts their relationship. I think there's so much potential for hilarious shenanigans and awkward situations that the show missed out on by waiting until the finale to get them together.

  • them doing something sibling-y away from CRU, like going home for Christmas together. Maybe their parents or grandparents or however, noticing the change in their relationship. I don't know, I've always enjoyed seeing other characters react to developments or news.

  • exploring how their relationship changes post show, now that they're not living on the same campus anymore, or even the same state (I don't think). How do they maintain that new bond without seeing each other everyday? Do they call? Skype? Text? How often do they visit? Does it strain their relationship much? Improve it?

Lost In Space (TV, 2018)
Judy Robinson, Penny Robinson.

Some Favorite Things About Them: how instinctively protective Judy is of Penny and how easily Penny allows it, how different their personalities are, their typical sisterly banter that obviously gives way to genuine affection, their lowkey competitiveness and how well they know each other.

Some things I'd enjoy reading about:

  • any kind of au where the earth doesn't become unlivable and they never go to space. Penny was upset about the idea of Judy moving out, so maybe exploring Judy getting ready to leave for college or she's already left and they struggle to figure out how to maintain their relationship now that it actually takes effort to remain in contact? Or anything, really.

  • something set preshow, that maybe explores why Judy is so protective and can sometimes act motherly towards her. Presumably she stepped up in John's absence, but maybe Maureen was busy a lot too and Judy had to fill her shoes sometimes as well; maybe Penny was prone to getting hurt or had an issue with a school bully or... anything that explores protective Judy and/or how Penny feels about how protective her big sister can be would be aces. Maybe a 5 times Judy protected Penny and one time Penny protected Judy style fic?

  • but also the opposite! Maybe something happens that causes Penny to have to step into that role, like Judy gets really hurt (saving Penny from something?) or she's taking too much on and Penny needs to get through to her to remind her she has to take care of herself too.

  • the girls going on some kind of space mission together could be a lot of fun, seeing how they work together (or don't!), whether it's light hearted or maybe something goes wrong and it's a bit more serious. Would not at all be opposed to them finding themselves in some kind of situation similiar to how John/Maureen found themselves a couple times, trapped somewhere together and having to talk.

  • honestly I don't really have a whole lot of prompt ideas for them, but just know I'd love any kind of sister bonding fic that explores or expands their dynamic more than the show did.

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