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Yuletide 2017 Letter

Hello to whomever was lucky/unlucky enough to end up needing to read this ridiculously wordy and rambly letter. This is my very first Yuletide, and thus, my first Yuletide letter, so please excuse my lack of brevity. I figured that I, as a writer, would want as much info to go on as possible, so I tried to provide that for you in case you're the same :)

I wrote a little bit about my general thoughts on each request/ship/show, as well as shared some of my favorite things about them to give you some ideas of smaller things you might want to include, and then a bunch of rambly bullet points that read vaguely as prompts. Of course, feel free to take as little or as much from anything I wrote, or take bits of different things and mash them together; I'm confident I'll love anything you could write about anything I've requested! Also included links to my tumblr tag when applicable, if you're looking for inspiration or more rambling in my tags.

All but one of my requests are complicated lady relationships, because apparently that's my jam. I'm someone that tends to appreciate those complicated relationships in any form they're given to me, whether that's romantic, friendship, sisterly, or in the case of one of them, as a more mentor/mentee or mother/daughter vibe. So, while I have noted my ideal preference for each request in their separate write ups, whatever direction you prefer to go in will be cool with me.

I'm cool with sex and smut, implied or detailed, but am not really interested in just straight up smut fic or PWP fic. Like, if it's built up to or makes sense with the plot or even better, adds to it, then awesome! Tell me all about it. But if it's just there to be there, I can really do without it. If smut is included, I'm cool with a bit of rough or hate sex, but otherwise, I feel like anything too kinky can sometimes take me out of plot heavy fics (as opposed to when it's in a PWP fic).

I'm also pretty fine with first, second and third person narratives, though I lean more towards third.

Here's a link to my current ao3 page, which doesn't have much on it, but.

GENERAL LIKES: happy endings, slowburn romance, rivals/enemies to friends (to lovers), angst with a happy ending, overprotectiveness, hurt/comfort, when someone gets hurt and the other person loses their shit with worry, 5 times [x] happened and 1 time [x] happened style fics, backstory revealed through flashbacks, parallels!, callbacks, banter, slice of life fics, non-linear storytelling, missing scenes, canon compliant fics, canon divergence, soulmate aus, roadtrip fic, makeouts, platonic cuddling that's not really platonic, forehead kisses!!, sharing a bed, dysfunctional and maybe bordering on toxic and they know it but they just love each other so much! relationships (bonus points if they actually work on those issues), codependency and loyalty, nonsensical but harmless jealousy, social media as a plot point, domesticity, found families, realistic miscommunication, unrequited love that's secretly not so unrequited/pining that eventually pays off, third parties being jealous of my ships bond, sudden declarations of love, opposite personalities and aesthetics, outsider POV and college fic.

GENERAL DISLIKES: unhappy endings, noncon, character death (of my ship anyways, I'm pretty fine with side characters getting killed off for plot, tbh), unnecessary or contrived angst, miscommunication ruining everything when the entire plot could easily be worked out through a single conversation, pining with Nice Guy type behavior, cheating (on each other, they can cheat on other people together all they want, whoops), romanticized abuse, betrayal, one-sided storytelling, genderbending, body switching, not super into coffeeshop or other similar mundane AUs, kid fic, character bashing, hard kinks, out of characterness and too much focus on side characters or their relationships.

Scream (TV)
Emma Duval, Audrey Jensen.
tumblr tag // sideblog.

The first two Scream movies are two of my favorite films, so I was skeptically excited when I heard about the television adaption. Unsurprisinly, it was largely lackluster to bad, but I immediately fell in love with Emma and Audrey, and especailly their relationship. Right from the pilot, you could feel the history and the bond, and you knew their dynamic was likely going to be at the core of the series going forward, and it's what made me stick around. The way the show developed and rebuilt their relationship (and tore it apart only to rebuild it again), was easily the best part of the show for me, and something that's just begging to be explored thoroughly in fics the way the show never did. I ship them romantically and wanted them to get together, but I just really enjoy their dynamic in any way someone wants to give it to me, so I'm fine with whichever way you choose to write them in. I can't really get into AUs for them because their messy history is so important to why I love their relationship, but I don't mind AUs where their high school years involved 100% less murder.

Some Favorite Things About Them: anytime Audrey gets protective of Emma but especially when it comes at the expense of her own safety, Emma's unwavering trust in Audrey despite damning evidence against her, each and every mention or reference to their childhood/history, how well they know each other (Emma does the hair thing when she lies!), their overall contrasting everything (personalities, looks, clothes, social standings, etc), the fact that they murdered together and how that's a real bond, their shared final girls status and just anytime they find themselves in dangerous situations with only each other to rely on.

Some things I'd enjoy reading about:

  • anything that deals with the aftermath of the last few episodes/the killer reveal, and how it changes their relationship. There's just a wealth of material there to explore. I love the idea of them developing a borderline unhealthy attachment to each other, like they're the only ones that truly Get It and they only feel safe around one another, etc.

  • outside of the ptsd aspects of the aftermath, just the girls having a very thorough conversation about everything; the deterioration of their friendship, the Nina stuff, Emma's role in Audrey's outing, Audrey's letters to Piper and her love confession in the barn, Audrey trying to sacriface herself to save Emma in the finale, etc.

  • Emma slowly realizing she's in love with Audrey and telling her, but Audrey has a bunch of doubts and insecurities about it. Does she just think that because of what they went through? Is it just because she can't trust dudes now? Does she feel like she owes her? Audrey's a dramatic loser and thinks there has to be a catch.

  • would also be totally down for any kind of established romantic Emma/Audrey too. So many fics focus on them getting together, but I haven't read many about them actually being together. Cute girlfriends go to prom or to the carnival (Audrey gets to give Emma a stuffed animal this time!), cute fiances stress about their wedding, cute marrieds move into a new house or get a dog, whatever! Maybe they get lowkey internet famous because who wouldn't ship the two best friends who fell in love after surviving multiple murder attempts?

  • the Gina of it all. Gina being jealous of Emma was the only redeeming part of the Halloween special and I'm obsessed with the idea of Audrey being the Worst Girlfriend Ever to her because she's ridiciously devoted to Emma still. Any exploration of that dynamic, whether it ends with romantic Emma/Audrey or not, would be amazing. Can be a non-Gina girlfriend, too. Audrey just consistently losing girlfriend after girlfriend because she prioritizes Emma over them and Emma being totally oblivious to it until Brooke points it out is a hilarious concept to me.

  • similiarly, perhaps Audrey getting a girlfriend (Gina or someone more likable) makes Emma Realize Things

  • Emma and Audrey going to college together! As girlfriends or best friends or best friends that become girlfriends. Honestly, I'm cool with just about any kind of Non-Murder AU, as long as they were still childhood best friends, so knock yourself out with different settings/scenarios.

  • I'm down for Other Types of Murder AUs, too; roadtrip slasher AU, vaction slasher AU, cabin in the wood slasher, home invasion slasher, whatever! As long as they live, feel free to put them through the horror wringer.

  • another murder spree, to tie up the loose ends. As long as neither Emma nor Audrey die, you can kill everyone else for all I care. If Brandon James and/or Emma's father is involved, I'm a slut for the Emma/Audrey Are Daisy/Brandon Done Right parallel, just saying.

  • any kind of plot or sitatution that involves Emma worrying about and/or taking care of an injuried Audrey. As much as I love protective Audrey, I'd love to see their roles reversed, too. Would be extra awesome if she got hurt saving Emma, because she would.

  • Murder Girlfriends! I'd be so down with them being a serial killer team. Maybe they hunt asshole men and kill them together? I don't know, they can kill anyone they want, as long as they're loyal to and never hurt each other because romance! Or friendship! Whatever floats your boat.

The Secret Circle (TV)
Melissa Glaser, Faye Chamberlain.
tumblr tag.

This show had a lot of potential that was wasted by focusing on all the wrong characters. As much fun as witches are, to me, the strength of the show was more in the relationships between the characters than it was about any of the mythology or the mystery. Particualry between the ladies, because lady relationships are just always the most interesting to me. I honestly don't remember a whole lot about the show outside of Faye, Melissa and their dynamic, and despite just being a single season show years ago, they've stayed with me. Something about their relationship just immediately intrigued, but I kind of expected them to just be shallow mean girl best friends. So to watch as the show slowly started to focus on and develop all the complicated layers to their dynamic, it really surprised me and drew me in. It's their complicated history and dynamic that makes me so interested in them, so I'd prefer to read something canon related, but a non-supernatural AU would be totally cool, as long as their established history/dynamic was still there. IMO, there was definitely romantic feelings there in canon, so I'd prefer a story that went in that direction, but I would also enjoy one that focused on their complex friendship, too.

Some Favorite Things About Them: how protective Faye can get over Melissa despite rarely showing her care any other time, the way Melissa kinda has her whipped despite that same thing, Melissa's loyalty to Faye even though she knows she isn't shit and deserves better, the way Melissa seems to feel self concious about how pathetic that loyalty might make her look to others, how jealous and territorial Faye is about Diana taking her spot as Melissa's BFF and how that was inspiring her to be a better friend, them being each other's Person inside the larger group, how well they know each other, Faye being an apathetic bitch that's too cool to care about anything while Melissa is generally nice and sweet and kinda wants to do dumb high school things even though they're Not Cool, and the idea that Melissa was probably the only other person Faye's slept with outside of Jake (fight me!).

Some things I'd enjoy reading about:

  • something that continues where the finale left off. Can include or ignore all the other plot points that were introduced/left hanging for the other characters, but obviously with a focus on Faye and Melissa. I just saw the finale as a good sign of things changing between them, with Faye turning down Jake's date to spend time with Melissa, and I'd be interested in seeing that expanded on. Can lead to kissing or not, that's up to you :)

  • exploring what happened in the past! How did they become friends? How did Jake originally factor into their dynamic? Am I right, did they hook up one time? Is Melissa totally in love with Faye or nah? While fics that take place entirely in pre-show timelines (as opposed to revealing backstory through flashbacks) aren't my favorite, I could make an exception here.

  • how Diana factors into/changes their duo. We were told Diana/Melissa stopped being close once Faye came into the picture, so there's obviously some history there, but I thought their dynamic in the sleepover episode was super interesting. Just how obviously threatened Faye was by Diana coming back into the picture, and how Diana had picked up on and had a lot of thoughts about how Faye treated Melissa, etc. I liked the Diana/Melissa friendship and liked them as a trio, so I wouldn't mind her inclusion, as long as it was focused on how it affects the Faye/Melissa dynamic.

  • I'm always here for some Fill In The Blanks/Missing Scene type fics. What happened after Faye told Melissa about Nick's death? What about after their scene outside his wake? What... okay, my memoriy of specific plot points from the show is really bad, but I'm sure there's lots of possibilities and I'd love anything.

  • Also What If? canon divergent plots. What if Nick hadn't died, how would that have changed their progression? What if Jake never came back, would they have gotten even closer after Nick's death? What if Jake hadn't saved Melissa at the dance and she'd been seriously hurt because of something Faye did? What if Melissa never got clean? What if she was Cassie's half sister and more powerful than Faye? Or any ideas you have!

  • as a sucker for hurt/comfort and protectiveness, I know I'd enjoy the hell out of a plot that involved Melissa getting seriously hurt and Faye flipping the fuck out about it.

  • just anything that really focuses on their complex dynamic and all the different things I mentioned that I loved about them. Doesn't have to be plot heavy, could be like a character/ship study kinda thing, that explores their different POVs on their relationship, at different points of times, and why they did certain things or how it made them feel. Like... what was up that moment when Melissa was posessed by the demon? That was pretty gay, and I wanna know for why.

  • in a similar lane, something that kinda explores Melissa branching out from behind Faye and standing up to her, in a more thorough way than the show ever did. They always teased it and gave Melissa these moments where she said she was done being Faye's sidekick, but then they didn't really follow through. So I'd love to read something that actually has her doing that, and how Faye would react and feel, and how they'd come back together again.

  • honestly, there's so little fic for them out there, I am bound to love pretty much anything you could possibly write about them, so really, go wild! Give me angst, jealousy, pettiness, loneliness, sex, love, whatever!

Nikita (TV)
Nikita Mears, Alexandra Udinov.
tumblr tag.

This is another relationship that is just so complicated and complex and layered, and has so much history in there. Who they both are as people was shaped so much by each other and their relationship, and I've always thought it was the true love story of the series. I'll always be disappointed in how much the show strayed from it in the second half of the series, but that didn't change the fact that they were always the heart of everything. I'm not necessarily opposed to reading something romantic for them, if you are so inclined, but I think I prefer them more platonically (could totally buy Alex having a kind of hero worshipping crush on Nikita, though). Like the previous two requests, I think their history is too integral to what I love about their dynamic for me to enjoy them in a totally AU setting that strays too far, but I could see myself getting into an AU that has a similiar vibe to the show, with action and spies and all that - so don't feel obligated to stick to the actual plot of the show.

Some Favorite Things About Them: any and every mention of Nikita saving Alex That Night, especially the fact that it was the catalyst for basically everything, any and every mention of the things Alex has learned from Nikita, all the parallels between them!, the way the early stages of their relationship mirrored the relationship Nikita had with Amanda, the fact that Nikita feels responsible for Alex forever even though it's turned into much more, how proud Nikita is of how much Alex has turned her life around, when it was them against the world, Alex's unwavering loyalty and belief in Nikita (you wanna know what I believe in? Nikita.) and the fact that she'd do anything for her.

Some things I'd enjoy reading about:

  • anything that explores their time living together and training, between when Nikita found Alex at the drug house to when she sent her into Division. Did Alex ever second guess herself? What did she struggle most with while training? Was there ever a moment Nikita felt bad about sending Alex in and wanted to pull the plug? When did Alex begin to trust Nikita so thoroughly? Lots of stuff to explore there that I'd be interested in seeing.

  • some canon compliant or divergence piece would be great. What if Alex didn't get out when she was taken in Alexandra? What if they were never found out? What if Percy hadn't told Alex the truth about her father, but Nikita got the chance to? What if they never crossed paths in Palefire? What if Alex was more seriously injured in True Believer? What if the way The Life We've Chosen and Self-Destruct played out didn't make me wanna punch things?* What if Alex went on the run with Nikita or found her by herself?

  • * basically, both of those episodes were set up to deliever top quality Alex/Nikita material and they both shit the bed. I hated that Nikita was way more concerned with keeping Ari alive than she was with saving Alex in TLWC and I hated that when they finally talked at the end of SD, it was about Alex's survivors guilt and not about all the tension and angst and issues going on between them. So, you know, a total rewrite of those episodes would be greatly appreciated if you're so inclined.

  • a kind of relationship study or something, that explores the timeline and development of their relationship would be pretty great, because I just love how complicated and complex their relationship is, and the way it changed so much over time.

  • some kind of AU where Division doesn't exist but they're still spy partners or something. Or maybe Alex is still a heiress and Nikita is her bodyguard and something happens to her father/family and so they're on the run? I honestly don't know, I'm awful at coming up with AUs, but as long as they're still actiony, I'd be into it!

  • going on a mission together! It didn't happen as often as it could have, and I'd love to see some kind of simple case-of-the-week style fic with them on a mission together as a duo. Maybe Alex gets hurt, or they've been weird before and they're forced to work it out, just maybe a little something that adds to the feels along with the fun adventure/action aspect.

  • something post show! They've been working together/in the same orbit for some long, how is their relationship now that they're on different paths? How often to they see or talk to each other? Do they still help each other for missions every so often? Was Alex her maid of honor?

  • I'd also be into something that dealt more with Alex and her backstory, struggle and angst, with Nikita there to listen or help or save her.

Greek (TV)
Casey Cartwright, Rusty Cartwright.
tumblr tag.

Even though I'm an only child, I've always been a sucker for fictional siblings, especially ones that have a combative relationship. Usually it's been sisters, but for some reason, Casey and Rusty broke that trend and somehow became my favorite TV siblings. I just love both characters so much, and find their relationship absolutely delightful. I was ready for their development the second Casey hung up on Rusty in the cold opening and the show didn't disappoint at all. I loved the subtle, natural progression of their relationship as their worlds blended and they got to know each other and spend time together in a way they never had growing up. I've never read any fic for them, it probably doesn't even exist, but I think I'd be game for any setting or AU, though I do have a soft spot for canon.

Some Favorite Things About Them: their teasing and banter!, when they'd go to each other for advice, glimpses of their worlds blending, how different they are and how they admire some of those differences, moments when they surprise each other (Casey knows what an amalgam is!), when they'd get protective of one another, call backs and parallels, their hugs!, stairway scenes, their dynamic as a trio with both Cappie and Ashleigh, when Rusty is a bratty little brother, and any single mention of their childhood.

Some things I'd enjoy reading about:

  • anything about their childhood and their relationship growing up. Ideally, not entirely set in the past, but I think I could get into a fic with teen Casey/Rusty, tbh. Maybe one of the few times Casey was a good big sister, like helping him deal with a bully or when nobody would go with him to prom.

  • maybe something that traces the progression and development of their relaitonship, like little scenes from different stages, ranging from childhood, to their teens, to while they're at CRU, to even after Casey's left.

  • how Rusty dating Ashleigh impacts their relationship. I think there's so much potential for hilarious shenanigans and awkward situations that the show missed out on by waiting until the finale to get them together. I know Ash isn't one of the nominated characters, so I don't know how that works, but the focus would be on Casey and Rusty still, so.

  • would be very down for something set during the show, too. Maybe Rusty gets sick and he's a big baby and Casey has take care of him. Or any other scenario where Casey has to kind of step up and act like their mom would in the situation, since she's not there to do it. Maybe Casey really needs to do well on a test or project and as a last resort, goes to Rusty for tutoring/help.

  • them doing something sibling-y away from CRU, like going home for Christmas together. Maybe their parents or grandparents or however, noticing the change in their relationship. I don't know, I've always enjoyed seeing other characters react to developments or news or whatever, who knows why.

  • exploring how their relationship changes post show, now that they're not living on the same campus anymore, or even the same state (I don't think). How do they maintain that new bond without seeing each other everyday? Do they call? Skype? Text? How often do they visit? Does it strain their relationship much? Improve it?

  • any kind of AU would be cool. I don't know if sibling relationships inspire many AUs, but knock yourself out, I'm game for anything, really.

  • oh, and as I've mentioned, I really enjoy both of their relationships with Ashleigh, so if significant others are mentioned or involved in whatever the plot may be, I'd really love if Ashleigh was Rusty's. I don't really have a preference for who Casey is with.

Mean Girls (2004)
Janis Ian, Regina George.

I'm not really one to get invested in movie characters or relationships (at least not stand alone movies), let alone in a noncanon relationship like Janis and Regina are, but I just see so much potential there and want more. I'd probably be into them regardless, because I'm a sucker for stark contrasts in personalities and appearances, but add in that backstory of how they used to be best friends, and Regina's fixation on Janis's assumed sexuality and I'm all the way in. I want to know everything! And I'm continuously disappointed in how little fandom material there is for them, considering how huge Mean Girls is on the internet. Ideally, I'd definitely want to see something in the romance avenue for them, but I could deal with friendship.

Some Favorite Things About Them: their history!, the potential for a great friends to enemies to friends to lovers story, as I said the stark contrast of their appearance and personalities, but the similarities too (they're both bitches that obsess about people and get stuff done), their rivalry that's possibly underlined by very lowkey respect and how hilarious both of them are.

Some things I'd enjoy reading about:

  • post movie, of course! What was their dynamic like after Regina took it down some notches? Did they even have one? If they didn't, did they both kinda lowkey want to but neither wanted to make the first move? Did they at least talk and make amends, even if they weren't actively friends anymore?

  • I'd loveeee a college kinda AU, where the events of the movie happened and they somehow end up at the same college together (even better if they're roommates), and it's then that they work their shit out and reconnect (and fall in love, if I'm lucky). Would also love if they met/reunited at college but the events of the movie didn't happen, and Regina is stll a raging bitch.

  • a plot with them dating in high school while Regina is still the Queen B and in the closet/self hating would be A Lot. Maybe it ends at the prom like the movie, where they go together/Regina comes out because she wants to dance with Janis?

  • backstory would be cool, there's so much of it there. You can't convince me that they didn't kiss and Regina gay panicked and took it out on Janis to save face, you just can't! That's kinda what most of the fics out there seem to be centered on, so maybe that could just be a part of larger story? But I'm very interested in that either way.

  • I think these two are probably the best option of my requests for a good AU. Yes, their backstory adds to why I'm interested in them, but as I said, just their general Opposites Attract vibe would most likely be enough to get me into any kind of AU version of them, so have at it. As long as there's banter!

  • honestly, I don't have a whole lot of plot ideas for them, since there's a lot less canon to go on than my other requests, but I'm sure I'll love anything you can come up with. I just want some new material.

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