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Together we'll climb, and I'll carry you home

Tags: brit made: a video, tv: glee
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This was amazing. So beautifully put together. I love that you focused on pretty much every relationship in the club. Lovely vid.
Thank you so much! And yes, I thought it would be good to show them all, instead of just the major ones that get all the hype.
brb crying.

Seriously, this was beautiful.
Haha, awwww.
I can't even tell you how much I love this video. I was crying & hearting and... it's great... So much!
Yay for tears and hearts!
This is gorgeous. The flashback style worked amazingly, the song is beautiful, and every single one of the pairings you focused on made me squee in this vid. Even the ones I don't even care about on the show! So adorable.
Yay, I'm glad to hear that, I wasn't totally sure about all the flashbacks through the whole thing.
This is really beautiful bb! I love how you edited this video, it was really touching. :')

Again, amazing job!
Merci, merci!
omfgg, this is absolutelyy amazing, omg. <33
Thanks so very much! Glad you enjoyed!
i really loved that you used all the main characters and all the ships. really put together well and such a beautiful, beautiful job. :)
If I do a cast video, I always try my best to have everyone and every couple ~represented, but I'm never sure, so I love getting comments like this so I know I was successful.
This is gorgeous! I love how you includded everyone and all ships, even though you're not a fan of most/any lol. Editing is amazzzzing :)
Yeah, me neither, but I was surprised at how much I knew about the ships anyway, so finding/thinking of all the clips was easy peasy.
This was amazing! The clips were put together perfectly :) and I love how you put everyone in the video. I love the song as well. Editing is just amazing!!!!
Thanks so much, I'm glad you enjoyed it!
That was so gorgeous and just amazing
I got serious goosebumps and shivers ♥
Awww, thanks so much. Goosebumps and shivers is obvs an awesome compliment, even if I think the song being so lovely had a lot to do with that.
ok, I admit.. I was on the verge of tears towards he end T___T that was SO lovely!
and I TOTALLY applaud you for the super sweet Tartie shipping montage you put in there, heheh.

Aw, merci, merci. And you know, I'm not even a Tina/Artie fan, but their part is one of my favs, I just thought their clips were really cute and went great with the music. Made them seem so cute and rainbowy, lol.

And Kevin always makes me lol so much in that gid. As does the fact that everyone is cracking up SO much, and Mark is just like 'lol'.
How sad is it that I'm crying right now? This song/the editing/FINNQUINN/ WOW. I love you. I love it. THANK YOU ♥
Not sad! Twas my evil plan.
Gorgeous video, some amazing editing, the song was perfect!
You just left a big sentimental and stupid grin on my face :)
Aw, thank you so much!

Deleted comment

Oh wow, thank you so much! I just had to use that scene when I saw it, it seemed like the perfect idea. It was such a perfect way to end the season, too.

Isn't the song just perfect? I'm so in love with it, and can't believe I thought even for a second about using Somewhere Over the Rainbow instead. And yeah, picking songs for vids is hard! If you settle for one, you just don't have the motivation to finish. At least that's my experience. You just know it's not ~right or something, lol.

I wish I had more energy to make more videos. I always want to make videos, but can never muster up the energy to start, but I just HAD to do this one. Thanks so much for the comment, I loved it, and I'm glad you enjoyed it!
This was really fabulous! Thank you for putting so much time in to it and sharing it with us. ♥ I want to re-watch everything now!
Aw, no problem, I had a lot of fun making it!
This was so gorgeous and moving! That song is amazing and the flashback style is A+. I love how you included practically every ship. Great job, I always love your videos!
AMAZING!!!!! ♥

Deleted comment

Aw, wow, quite the statement. Thanks SO much!
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